Operations Across Multiple Clouds for Enterprises

In the modern business landscape, enterprises need to be as flexible as possible to keep up with the nimbleness of emerging startups. Just as every company is unique, so too are cloud solutions - they’re not a one-size-fits-all proposition. This is where the concept of a multi-cloud strategy becomes crucial.

By implementing a well-designed multi-cloud solution, you can avail the services you require without having to invest in those you don’t need. This approach not only provides maximum flexibility but also helps in reducing costs. With a plethora of providers in the market today, you have the freedom to select the perfect combination to address your specific challenges. If you’re considering the adoption of a multi-cloud strategy, we’re here to assist.


Boost Flexibility and Reduce Costs with Multi-Cloud Operations.

Let’s devise a multi-cloud strategy that will propel your business into the modern era. This involves collaborating with you to enhance your cloud proficiency, identifying which workloads will reap the most benefits from the cloud, and facilitating a smooth migration process.

Cloud Resale

Cloud Platform

Experience superior value, robust cloud support, and continuous cost management by accessing and utilizing cloud platforms through Sannisoft.
Monitor your investment

Oversee Your Investment

Maintain vigilance over your cloud usage to ensure you’re maximizing both platform performance and cost-effectiveness.
Dedicated Account Manager

Committed Account Manager

Proactive Support and Solutions for Your Cloud Challenges.
Engineering services

Engineering Expertise

Collaborate with our proficient team to design and implement your enterprise’s cloud infrastructure.
Security and governance

Security and Governance Enhancement

Boost the robustness and effectiveness of your security and governance policies with our comprehensive solutions.
Managed Cloud Services

Comprehensive Cloud Management Services

With our extensive range of managed services, we ensure that your cloud investment aligns with your vision, objectives, and challenges. Our services encompass everything from infrastructure management to data handling and cost control.
Cloud governance

Cloud Governance Expertise

Secure and cost-optimize your cloud environment by taking advantage of our expert team’s knowledge and skills.
Monitoring and support

Round-the-Clock Monitoring and Support

Benefit from continuous, 24x7 monitoring and support for your cloud environments, provided by the Sannisoft Managed Services Operation Center.
Single point of contact

“Unified Communication Channel

Engage in business reviews of crucial metrics and insights with your dedicated Sannisoft Technical Account Manager.
Focus on what matters

Concentrate on What’s Important

Collaborate with a partner that provides a resilient and optimized cloud infrastructure, freeing up your team to focus on innovation.
Frequently Asked Questions

Multi-Cloud Operations


How can one define multi-cloud operations?

Multi-cloud operations refer to a strategy where an organization uses services from two or more cloud providers, typically public clouds such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud, though it could also include private and hybrid clouds. This approach allows organizations to run their applications across different cloud environments, choosing the best computing environment for each workload. It provides the flexibility and portability to build, optimize, and migrate applications across multiple clouds and computing environments. In essence, multi-cloud operations enable organizations to abstract cloud silos to support a set of common operations across any combination of clouds that are important to the business.

In what ways can Sannisoft assist my business in executing multi-cloud strategies?

Sannisoft is equipped to guide your business in formulating a multi-cloud strategy that will modernize your operations. This involves partnering with you to enhance your cloud proficiency, identifying the workloads that would gain the most from cloud deployment, and facilitating a seamless migration process.